Luis Avila

Fitness Coach
Coach Luis

Hello, my name is Luis Avila.

I have been a personal trainer for almost 10 yrs. I have been involved with health and fitness ever since I was a child by being enrolled in Taekwondo at the age of 8 yrs old.

I earned my first-degree black belt at the age of 13 and received my second-degree belt at the age of 15 in which I was able to assist in the instruction of the art. Throughout high school, I was also involved with both football as well as wrestling while still attending my Taekwondo classes.

Growing up I always enjoyed martial arts and competing but I developed an infatuation with weight training once I was introduced to it by my stepfather during my teens. Once I learned the bare basics of the barbell I was hooked! When kids were at home playing hours of video games, I spent my time “pumping iron” in my home garage. I loved strength training so much that I decided to focus my schooling around it and studied Kinesiology at Sacramento State University as well as earned 2 personal training certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPT and Sports Performance certifications).

I began my personal training career through 24-hour fitness and within a year I was able to develop a strong clientele while being able to help many individuals change their lives. Throughout my years of training I’ve helped clients lose up to 100lbs in body weight, I’ve seen clients become ecstatic because they no longer need to take their blood pressure medication due to being healthier, and I’ve helped clients that were barely able to move be able to run their first 5k. These are truly the reasons why I love what I do and what keeps me moving forward while trying to learn more that can better my clients and me. I have helped men and women of all age groups (12-72 yrs old) and I’ve worked with clients with various injuries. I feel 100% confident in my abilities to help anyone achieve their fitness goals while teaching them the proper ways to continue living a healthy lifestyle. It feels even better when you work alongside two other individuals being Edward and Jonathan, that have the same mindset with helping people become the healthiest and strongest version of themselves.

Through health and strength comes confidence and vitality which helps us overcome many of life’s obstacles.

Luis Avila